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Consumer Protection Hotline,

 a reporting mechanism for Covid-19 scams and price gouging.

If you are seeing issues in your area of Missouri or field of work,

please call 1-800-392-8222

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Communicating With Hospital Staff During Covid-19


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ISP Plan Review

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Re-Engagement Plan

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Community Center Staff

Christen Davis

Administrative Assistant

George Woodward


Patricia Stott

Activities Director

Mission Statement

To maintain or improve the quality of life for citizens of Lawrence County, Missouri with Developmental Disabilities by ensuring that they receive the best services possible with respect, responsiveness, and accountability, which will enable them to fulfill their full potential.

Administer Lawrence County Tax Funds for the Developmentally Disabled


*Residential/Community Programs


*Resource Specialist

*Related Services Program

*Summer Camp


*Music Therapy

*Pre-School Program

*Community Center

*Case Management

Provide Public Information





*Public Forums

Information and Referral

*Provide information to individuals and families about agencies and programs which exist to assist them.

*Referrals to resources which will assist the developmentally disabled.